Sushi, freshly made in our kitchen. Available in chicken, salmon and vegetarian

Menu options described below are a sample of fare commonly prepared for functions.  We present these as a guide but ask that you discuss your preferences with Wendy so that your menu can be tailored to meet your requirements.  We are experienced in catering for special dietary needs.  Gluten free options are available for those marked (*) below.  Prices are indicative and GST inclusive.

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Cold Savoury Selection

Sandwich selection*$1.85
Filled croissant$3.50
Mini filled rolls$2.95
Scone selection$3.50
Savoury muffin*$1.95
Breads with dips$2.65
Savoury pinwheel*$1.65
Savoury danish$1.65

Hot Savoury Selection

Mixed savouries$1.70
Gourmet savouries$1.80
Filled croissant$2.90
Samosa/Spring roll$1.00
Sausage roll$1.70
Chicken nibbles & dips*$2.60
Mini pizza*$2.60
Seasoned wedges*$2.10

Sweet Selection

Sweet muffin selection*$2.10
Cup Cake$2.60
Slice selection*$3.50
Creamed lamingtons$2.30
Fruit Danish$2.10
Filled tartlets$1.95
Melting moment biscuit* (homemade)$1.60
Chocolate chip biscuit* (homemade)$1.60
Anzac biscuit* (homemade)$1.30
Fudge selection*$1.10
Small Fruit PlatterSeasonal prices apply.
Large Fruit Platter.
Seasonal prices apply.