(V) Vegetarian Option
(VG) Vegan
(GF) Gluten Free Option
All Day Breakfast Menu
Southern Breakfastbacon, eggs, tomato, hash brown, mushroom, sausages on toast$21.00
French Toast (V)bacon, bananas, maple syrup$18.00
Eggs on Toast (GF-V)Eggs any way. $8.50
$10.00 (GF-V Option)
Omelette (V)-(GF)ham, tomato, cheese, onion , mushroom on toast. (GF with bacon instead of ham)$17.50
Eggs Benedict (V)toasted ciabatta, eggs, bacon, hollandaise $17.50
Pancakes (V)bacon & banana or berry compote & yogurt topped with maple syrup$16.50
Bacon Butty (GF)Bacon, BBQ sauce, onion, bread $8.80
$10.30(GF option)
Bacon Eggs & chips (GF)Eggs any way$16.00
Sausages Eggs & chips.Eggs any way
Bacon and Eggs (GF)poached, scrambled or fried.$13.00
$14.00(GF Option)
Breakfast MuffinEnglish Muffin w/ bacon, egg and cheese.$7.00
Breakfast Bagel (GF)Bacon and egg, cheese, lettuce and BBQ sauce$11.00
Cinnamon Toast (V)golden toast sprinkled with cinnamon$3.00
Waffles (V)Plain or dressed with berries and cream or yoghurt.
$7.00 Dressed
Muesli Pot (V)with peaches and yogurt.$9.00