All Day Breakfast Menu
Southern Breakfastbacon, eggs, tomato, hash brown, mushroom, sausages on toast$18.50
French Toastbacon, bananas, maple syrup$15.80
Omeletteham, tomato, cheese, onion , mushroom on toast$16.00
Eggs Benedicttoasted bun, eggs, bacon, hollandaise $16.00
Pancakesbacon & banana or berry compote & yogurt topped with maple syrup$15.00
Bacon Buttybacon, bbq sauce, onion, bread$8.00
Bacon and Eggspoached, scrambled or fried.$10.50
Breakfast Bagelcream cheese, raspberry jam$6.50
Cinnamon Toastgolden toast sprinkled with cinnamon$2.00
Muesli Potwith peaches and yogurt.$8.50